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The Sampson County Exposition Center is proud to provide unparalleled service and personalized attention to you and your guests.  Whether you are planning a simple event, or a huge gala, our staff and service providers have the knowledge to assist in making your event memorable. 

Annually, the Exposition Center serves as the host site for over 300 private and public events.  These events often require varying levels of event services including caterers, decorators, florists, DJ’s, bands, rental companies, audiovisual companies, sound & production companies and other service-oriented companies that work with clients planning or producing events.  

While the facility provides flexibility to its clients in choosing most Service Providers, it is the policy of the facility that all Caterers and Decorators who work at the facility be selected from the list of Approved Caterers or Decorators.  Those approved have completed an application and are aware of the policies, rules, and guidelines that are in place and designed to ensure public safety and to aid in the protection of the building and grounds.  If there is a caterer or decorator that you wish to work with that is not on the list of approved caterers or decorators, please contact our staff and we will provide details on how they can apply to become an approved service provider.