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Service Provider Application / Renewal Form


Notice Out-of County Caterers or Decorators.   Once the above form has been completed and submitted, you may pay the required Service Provider Fee online by clicking the link below. Please note applications received without payment will not be processed. If you have questions, please call 910-592-6451.

Please use the Application/Form below to apply or renew your Service Provider Application.  By submitting the requested information below, you hereby acknowledge the Policies, Rules and Guidelines that pertain to all Approved Service Providers.  For a printed version of the Service Provider Application, please see the link provided below.  Additionally, you will find a copy of the Sampson County Exposition Center's Facility Guidelines by CLICKING HERE.   If your business (Caterers and Decorators)  is located outside of Sampson County, you will receive an invoice via email for the applicable Service Provider fee.   All businesses offering event services are welcome to apply.  Please note.  All Service Provider applications or renewals must be received and processed six (6) months prior to the scheduled date of any client.  Additionally, the online listings of Approved Service Providers are updated and published bi-annually, during the months of June (effective July 1) and December (effective January 1).  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact any staff member by calling 910.592.6451 or by email at

The Sampson County Exposition Center is the host site for over 300 private and public events each year.  These events often require events services including caterers, decorators, florists, DJ’s/Bands, rental companies, audiovisual companies, sound & production companies or other service-oriented companies that work with clients who are planning or producing events. All Service Providers that wish to work at the Sampson County Exposition Center are required to annually submit a Service Provider Application/Renewal Form to become or remain listed as an Approved Service Provider. (Applications for new caterers must be received a minimum of six (6) months before the date of a clients event.)

Approved Service Providers provide invaluable services to our clients.  Approved Service Providers are aware of the policies, rules, and guidelines that are in place and designed to ensure public safety and to aid in the protection of the building and grounds.

How this benefits you!  First, only Approved Service Providers are permitted to work onsite. Secondly, your business is promoted two ways, (1) printed copies of the Approved Service Providers lists are provided to our clients, and (2) Approved Service Providers are listed online at  Sampson County businesses (all types) are eligible to be included at no cost.  Caterers and Decorators that are located outside Sampson County may be included at $50 per year (July 1 to June 30). Pro-rated fees are not offered.  

The Approved Service Provider listing runs concurrently with the fiscal year of the Sampson County Exposition Center (July 1 to June 30).

Service Providers who desire to remain on the list of Approved Service Providers must annually complete and submit an Application/Renewal Form and Acknowledgment by May 31 of each fiscal year..  (Please note.  All Service Providers not meeting this deadline will be deleted as a service provider, and will not be permitted to work at the facility beyond June 30th, without first submitting a new application.)